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 +====== Worth Sharing: The Threat of Stillness ======
 +{{tag> dogs behaviour aggression reading_behaviour}}
 +{{:​images:​rubic-001_wm.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}I recall an incident years ago at a dog show. I had a young Rottie bitch and my friend had had her 1/2 sister. We knew they didn't like each other. We were standing away from the show rings, talking, standing about 3' apart. The dogs appeared to be calm, quiet, and minding their own business. At almost the exact same instant, both of us realized that our dogs, who we knew were staring at each other, had shifted their positions slightly. BOTH of us yanked our dogs in opposite directions, yelling at them to "QUIT IT".
 +The people around us were shocked - no-one else had noticed anything untoward. They thought we were being mean to our dogs.
 +WE knew that if we didn't put an end to it right there, it could have been so much worse.
 +In hindsight, we should have ended our conversation sooner, but we were both pretty young, and still rather inexperienced.
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