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 +<WRAP caution round 90%>
 + {{ :​our_rabbits:​white-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} ​
 +**About Mink Hollow'​s BJ: **\\
 +[color=red]**Eligible for White Seal Registration**[/​color]\\
 +**Genotype**:​ Aa B- Cchdc- Dd E- \\
 +BJ is the first chin buck we've had for a while. We have gotten out of chins several times now, but for some reason we keep being drawn back. We just can't stay away from this gorgeous colour. BJ's dad (His Blueness) is an import with good type, deep colour, and AMAZING fur. \\
 +At the EARS Wetaskiwin Show in Feb (2019), B.J. Best of Opposite Sex Breed twice: once under Judge Christina Shultz, and once under Judge Stephen Hultholm\\
 +The judges said: really liked him; coat++; colour++; Type ++\\
 +We are really excited to watch this boy grow up and see what he produces!\\
 +He comes from a litter of 9. All 9 were weaned.
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