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 +<WRAP caution round 90%>
 + {{ :​our_rabbits:​white-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} ​
 +**About Mink Hollow'​s Bunny: **\\
 +[color=red]** Eligible for White Seal Registration**[/​color]\\
 +If she has her mom's mothering skills, she is going to be a real asset to our rabbitry.\\
 +**Genotype**:​ Aa B- C- Dd E- \\
 +Bunny'​s dad (His Blueness) is an import with good type, deep colour, and AMAZING fur. \\
 +Bunny is taking after her dad when it comes to fur, and also has great type.\\
 +She comes from a litter of 10. All 10 were weaned.
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