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 +{|style="​width:​100%; ​ background-color:​ LightYellow;"​ class="​wikitable"​| 
 +|**Meet callisto**\\ 
 +|**Genotype:​ at- B- C- D- E-**\\ 
 +|**1 LEGS** 
 +|[color="​red"​]**White seal registered.**[/​color] 
 +|rowspan="​2"​|{{ :​our_rabbits:​white-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} 
 +All the X3 babies have names from the X-Men\\ 
 +Callisto is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is associated with the X-Men. She is the leader of New York City's subterranean mutant settlement the Morlocks until losing that post in a duel against Storm. Storm subsequently leaves the group in Callisto'​s care as her representative,​ and the two eventually form an uneasy alliance.\\ 
 +Our Callisto has the same confident attitude as her mom.\\ 
 +**WINNINGS:​** [[:​our_rabbits:​winners_circle#​callisto|BOV EARS FarmFair 2019]]\\ 
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