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 |**Meet Chez Moi**\\ |**Meet Chez Moi**\\
 |**Genotype:​ ata Bb C- dd Ee**\\ |**Genotype:​ ata Bb C- dd Ee**\\
-|[color="​red"​]**Eligible ​for Red seal registration.**[/​color] +|[color="​red"​]**Ineligible ​for  registration.**[/​color] 
-|rowspan="​2"​|{{ :​our_rabbits:​red-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}}+|rowspan="​2"​|{{ :​our_rabbits:​no-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}}
 |- |-
 |colspan="​4"​|\\ |colspan="​4"​|\\
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 She is showing lots of promise.\\ She is showing lots of promise.\\
 Although her dad is a tri, she does not carry the tri gene.\\ Although her dad is a tri, she does not carry the tri gene.\\
 +She is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately ineligible for registration because she has a white spot on her back, probably the result of a nestbox injury.
 |} |}
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