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-<WRAP caution round 90%> 
-**About Cinder: **\\ 
 \\ \\
-**Genotype**: aa Bb C- Dd E- +{|style="​width:​100%; ​ background-color:​ LightYellow;"​ class="​wikitable"​| 
- +|**Meet Cinder**\\ 
-I have high hopes for this boyHe brings together an import line which had stellar type and amazing fur, with one of best litters we have had (which includes Cadbury, ​[[our_rabbits:​bucks:​colbert|Colbert]], and [[our_rabbits:​bucks:cbs3|CBS3]])+|**Genotype: aa Bb C- Dd E-**\\ 
-</​WRAP>​+|[color="​red"​]**Eligible ​for Red seal registration.**[/color] 
 +|rowspan="​2"​|{{ :our_rabbits:​red-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} 
 +Cinder is a lovely little buck with LOTS of promise.\\ 
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