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 +<WRAP notice round 90%> 
 +**About Breezy Hill's His Blueness **\\ 
 +[color=red]**Not eligible for Registration**[/​color]\\ 
 +**Genotype**:​ aa B- Cc dd E- \\ 
 +This boy is on loan to us for the winter of 2018/2019 from Lorazark.\\ 
 +Unfortunately he is inelligible for registration because he didn't make senior weight - likely as a result of the fact that he changed hands several times as a junior and was transported a great many miles. This can often have the effect of stunting growth.\\ 
 +His kits have all had really good growth, so we are not concerned that his size is being passed on.\\ 
 +He is a very typey little buck with fur that doesn'​t quit.\\ 
 +Did I say? .... AMAZING fur.\\ 
 +Wins: EARS K-Days BOS July 27 Briony Smith\\ 
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