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 **About Mink Hollow'​s Yoda: **\\ **About Mink Hollow'​s Yoda: **\\
 \\ \\
-[color=red]**Red Seal Registration ​Pending**[/​color]\\+[color=red]**Red Seal Registration**[/​color]\\
 **Genotype**:​ A- B- C- Dd E- \\ **Genotype**:​ A- B- C- Dd E- \\
 \\ \\
-Yoda has gone to live with KG.\\+Yoda spent some time with KG, where she proved to be a dedicated mom and good producer. She has now come back to live at Mink Hollow and we are thrilled ​with what she is producing.\\
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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