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-<box round red 100%>+<WRAP caution ​round 90%>
  {{ :​our_rabbits:​red-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} ​  {{ :​our_rabbits:​red-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} ​
-**About Zippity-Do: **\\+**About ​Mink Hollow'​s ​Zippity-Do: **\\
 \\ \\
-[color=red]**Red Seal Registerable**[/​color]\\+[color=red]**Red Seal Registered**[/​color]\\ 
 +Zippity-Do got her name because she LOVES to zip around in her cage. She has good size, lovely type, and great fur (in her youth). She is proving herself to be an excellent mom.
 \\ \\
 **Genotype**:​ at- bb C- dd E- \\ **Genotype**:​ at- bb C- dd E- \\
- +\\ 
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