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 +===== Ch. Holyoak'​s Coney =====
 +|style="​width:​30%"​|[color=green]**Ch. Holyoak'​s Coney** [/color]\\
 +[color=blue]#​CD1 \\
 +Black Otter\\
 +BVF Reg X **Sara [R]**\\
 +DoB: Oct. 3 1994\\
 +Wt. 8.00
 +| Notes: \\
 +Coney. Buck. Our first registered rabbit and our first Grand Champion. We bought him from Holyoak, but he was a son of Mink Hollow'​s Sara (Smarty X Lydia I)\\
 +BOB SARBA apr/95\\
 +BOB Stampede dec/95\\
 +Died July 2002\\
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