Buck, Blue
Breezy Hill's BH149 X Breezy Hill's BH1718
(Black Otter X White)
Born: Nov. 20 2017

About Breezy Hill's His Blueness

Not eligible for Registration

Genotype: aa B- Cc dd E-

This boy is on loan to us for the winter of 2018/2019 from Lorazark.
Unfortunately he is inelligible for registration because he didn't make senior weight - likely as a result of the fact that he changed hands several times as a junior and was transported a great many miles. This can often have the effect of stunting growth.

His kits have all had really good growth, so we are not concerned that his size is being passed on.

He is a very typey little buck with fur that doesn't quit.
Did I say? …. AMAZING fur.
Wins: EARS K-Days BOS July 27 Briony Smith


Breezy Hill's BH149
Black Otter
Breezy Hill's His Blueness
Breezy Hill's BH1718

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