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 ==== Redwood'​s Thor ==== ==== Redwood'​s Thor ====
-{+{|style="​width:​100%; background-color:​ PowderBlue;"​| 
-|style="​width:​30%; background-color:​ PowderBlue;"​|[color=blue]#R1\\ +|**EAR**# R1 
-Buck, Blue\\ +|Blue BUCK 
-Redwood'​s Six Glorious Nights (RW1) X Judon'​s Sweatpea (JW2)\\ +|**SIRE**: ​Redwood'​s Six Glorious Nights (Black Otter) 
-Black Otter X Blue Otter\\ +|**DAM**: Judon'​s ​Sweatpea (Blue Otter) 
-DOB: Nov. 30 2014\\ +|**DOB:** Nov30 2014
-[/color] +
-|**Notes:** \\ +
-Thor has found his forever home! He'​s ​been through a number of rabbitries in his carreer and we are happy that he has come to live with us. +
-He won best of breed and reserve in show while owned by Rosewater Rabbitry 1n 2015. +
-He has great fur, great shoulders, good type and temperament. We are looking forward to seeing the results of his influence in our lines.\\ +
-**Genotype**aa B- C- dd E-\\ +
-**WINS**:  +
-BOSB SARBA 2015 (Hultholm) \\ +
-RIS SARBA 2015 Uptagrafft\\ +
-Primarily Judon lines. +
-Littermate to Venus.+
 |} |}
 +<embed :​our_rabbits:​about:​a-thor/>​
 {{gallery>:​stock:​imports:​thor?​nocache&​notitle&​4}} {{gallery>:​stock:​imports:​thor?​nocache&​notitle&​4}}
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