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 {|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ PowderBlue;"​| {|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ PowderBlue;"​|
-|EAR #R1+|**EAR**# R1
 |Blue BUCK |Blue BUCK
-|Redwood'​s Six Glorious Nights (Black Otter) ​Judon'​s Sweatpea (Blue Otter)+|**SIRE**: ​Redwood'​s Six Glorious Nights (Black Otter) 
 +|**DAM**: ​Judon'​s Sweatpea (Blue Otter)
 |**DOB:** Nov. 30 2014 |**DOB:** Nov. 30 2014
 |} |}
-<​embed ​:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-thor/> +{{page>:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-thor&​nodate&​nouser}} 
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