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-==== Mink Hollow'​s Ulysses ==== 
-|style="​width:​30%;​ background-color:​ PowderBlue;"​|[color=blue]#​UEA1\\ 
-Buck, Amber\\ 
-Sherlock X **Speedy[R]**\\ 
-DoB: May 18 2013 
-| **Notes**:​\\ 
-**Genotype**:​ Aa bb CCchd Dd E-\\ 
-Very large: 10 lb. 10 oz.\\ 
-Carries chin\\ 
-Uly was oversize in his prime. I missed the opportunity to register him when he was young, but now that he's retired (Fall 2017), I'm finally able to register him! 
-<embed :​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​uea/>​ 
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