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BUCK EAR# VGA2 COLOUR: Black Orange Tri SIRE: Buttles KE640 Jorge DAM: Mink Hollow's Upstart DOB: Jul. 21 2014
SOLD to K.G. June 2, 2017

Meet Versace Genotype: At- B- C- D- eje
Red seal registered.
A bit on the small side for my liking, but decent type, and better fur than I've had on any of my other tris (so that's progress). Good width; needs more fullness in midsection. Fur has good texture but needs more density.
Versace is a proven buck who has done quite well for me. He carries chocolate and dilute.


Pedigree [VGA litter]

Aurora's Red Skeleton
Mink Hollow's Uhu [Reg.]
(black-orange tri)
Mink Hollow's Ra
(harlequin black otter)
Aurora's Red Skeleton
Mink Hollow's Upstart [Reg.]
Mink Hollow's Spunky [Reg.]
(broken chocolate)

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