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 +==== Moonstruck'​s Dierna ====
 +|style="​width:​200px"​| {{:​stock:​imports:​deirna:​dierna-2015-10-03_16-52-02_wm.jpg?​200|&​nodate&​nouser}}
 +|style="​width:​30%"​|[color=red]**Moonstruck'​s Dierna**\\
 +#RW28 \\
 +Black DOE\\
 +Holtmeyer'​s Darwin X Holtmeyer'​s Just Shy\\
 +DOB: Mar. 25 2014\\
 +| Notes:\\
 +Genotype: aa B- C- Dd E-\\
 +We are very pleased to add this lovely little doe from [[https://​www.facebook.com/​rosewaterrabbitry|Rosewater Rabbitry]] to our lines.\\
 +Dierna carries dilute and rew.\\
 +She has good type and fur and is a proven great mother.
 +July 2016: I have several of Deirna'​s daughters here now so Deirna has gone to live at Lorazark. ​
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