Broken Blue Otter DOE
MTR's Turin [Reg.] X Lorazark's Hyacinth
DOB: April 11 2016

About Lorazark's Perdita:

White Seal Registered
Genotype: at- bb C- dd E-

Perdita is the closest we've had in a long time to a Dalmatian Rex, hence the name.
She is a very promising doe with good loin, shoulders, and hindquarters.


MTR's Sauvage
&nodate&nouser SIRE:
MTR's Turin [Reg.]
MTR's Guess
(broken squirrel)
&nodate&nouser Grand-Sire:
Lorazark's Chester
(black otter)
&nodate&nouser DAM:
Lorazark's Hyacinth
(blue otter)
&nodate&nouser Grand-Dam:
Lorazark's Bumble

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