Doe, Lilac Otter
Decker's 084D X Decker's Pretty in Purple
Born: May 5 2015

About Decker's Sassy Lassy:

Genotype: ata bb C- dd E- White Seal Registered

We are THRILLED to be able to add another Double Decker rabbit to our herd.
Great dilutes are hard to come by and this girl is one. Her dam is multi best of breed winner Decker's Pretty in Purple (10 legs), and is a great-grand-daughter of Decker's Purple Haze (15 legs).
She has fantastic depth and loin, great fur, and a really fun personality.
We are extremely happy to be able to add this funny girl to our barn and are looking forward to what she can do for our otters and dilutes!

December 2016 Update: Sassy has gone to live with Lorazark. Watch for exciting litters there!

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