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 ==== Rosewater/​Mink Hollow Winnie ==== ==== Rosewater/​Mink Hollow Winnie ====
-{|style="​width:​100%" +{|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ MistyRose;"​ 
-|style="​width:​30%; background-color:​ MistyRose;"​|[color=red]#RF2 \\ +|#RF2 \\ 
-Black Otter (Harle'​d) DOE\\ +|Black Otter (Harle'​d) DOE\\ 
-**Valium [R]** X Moonstruck'​s Deirna\\ +|**Valium [R]** X Moonstruck'​s Deirna\\ 
-DOB: Aug. 1 2015\\ +|DOB: Aug. 1 2015\\
-[/color] +
-|**Genotype**:​ ata B- C- D- Eej\\ +
-**Notes**:​\\ +
-//Not a Recognized Colour.//​\\ +
-This friendly little girl has good type and nice fur. She will help us in our tri program.\\ +
-Winnie is much like her mom in temperament. She's kind of willful, but she's a great mom. Her type is excellent as is her fur.\\ +
-She is ineligible for registration because of her colour.+
 |} |}
- +{{page>:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-winnie &​nodate&​nouser}} 
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