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-==== Yin ====+==== Mink Hollow'​s ​Yin ====
 {|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ MistyRose;"​ {|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ MistyRose;"​
 |**DOE**\\ |**DOE**\\
 |**EAR#:** #YHE1\\ |**EAR#:** #YHE1\\
 |**COLOUR:​** Squirrel\\ |**COLOUR:​** Squirrel\\
-|**SIRE: Mink Hollow'​s ​Ulysees ​** (Amber)\\+|**SIRE: Mink Hollow'​s ​Ulysses ​** (Amber)\\
 |**DAM: Mink Hollow'​s Winter [R]** (White)\\ |**DAM: Mink Hollow'​s Winter [R]** (White)\\
 |**Born:** August 7 2016\\ |**Born:** August 7 2016\\
 |} |}
-<​embed ​our_rabbits:​about:​a-yin/> +{{page>our_rabbits:​about:​a-yin&​nodate&​nouser}} 
-{{gallery>:​stock:​xyz:​yin?​nocache&​notitle&​4}} +{{gallery>:​stock:​xyz:​yin?​nocache&​notitle&​4&​nodate&​nouser}} 
-<​embed ​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​yhe ​/>+{{page>our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​yhe ​&​nodate&​nouser}}
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