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-==== Zippy ====+==== Mink Hollow'​s ​Zippy ====
-{|style="​width:​100%" +{|style="​width:​100%;​ background-color:​ MistyRose;"​ 
-|style="​width:​30%; background-color:​ MistyRose;"​|[color=red]#YAA2\\ +|#YAA2\\ 
-Black DOE\\ +|Black DOE\\ 
-**Roloff'​s Bart [Reg.]** X **Redwood'​s Deirna**\\ +|**Roloff'​s Bart [Reg.]** X **Redwood'​s Deirna**\\ 
-DOB: Jan. 19 2016\\ +|DOB: Jan. 19 2016\\
-[/color] +
-|**Genotype**:​ aa B- C- D- E- \\ +
-**Notes**:​\\ +
-This girl is every bit as good as her sister and as a black, we are keen to see what she will do for us in our other lines.\\+
 |} |}
-<​embed ​our_rabbits:​about:​a-zippy/> +{{page>our_rabbits:​about:​a-zippy&​nodate&​nouser}} 
-{{gallery>:​stock:​xyz:​zippy?​nocache&​notitle}} +{{gallery>:​stock:​xyz:​zippy?​nocache&​notitle&​nodate&​nouser}} 
-<​embed ​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​yaa ​/>+{{page>our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​yaa ​&​nodate&​nouser}}
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