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Serious inquiries only. Please be sure to read our Sales Policy.
When you are ready to purchase a specific rabbit, please fill out our: Agreement of Sale

These are the rabbits we currently have available for sale. Unless otherwise noted, all rabbits are Rex.

We raise FIRST for meat, health, and production. THEN for show.

All of our rabbits are good producers who normally raise, large, fast-growing litters. Most of our kits are fryer size (4-5 lb.) at 8-12 weeks, and easily reach senior weight by 6 months.

If you are interested in seeing the ancestors of the rabbits on this page and you can't find them on our Bucks and Does pages, check the Ancestors & Others page.

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About Those Seals
“White Seal Registerable” means that the pedigree is complete, including names, tattoos, weights, colours, and ear numbers for 3 generations.
“Red Seal Registerable” means that both parents are registered, and
“Red & White Seal Registerable” means that both parents and all grandparents are registered.

“Red, White, and Blue Seal Registerable” means that both parents, all grandparents, and ALL great-grandparents are registered.

When a rabbit is classified as “registerable”, it means that they can be registered once they reach 6 months if and only if they meet the official Rex standard.
That means they must have the correct weight, be a recognized colour, and have no disqualifying faults. When kits are sold, you will be told if they are registerable at that time. I cannot guarantee that kits will still be registerable as seniors.
In some cases, their parents have not yet been registered (but I intend to). The seal indicates the potential registration status of the kits - once the parents are registered, if that is planned/possible.

These are animals over 6 months of age. Some are registered. Potential homes will be carefully screened.

Mink Hollow's Bugs Bunny

Born: DOB: Mar. 14 2018
Price: $150.00
Eligible for red/white/blue registration.

Pedigree Info: MTR's Cambon X Mink Hollow's Acorn

These are animals between 8 weeks and 6 months of age.

Stay Tunned ….

These are current litters not yet weaned or ready to be weaned.

Born July 25 2018

BGE: Mink Hollow's ABD X Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph
This is an otter-otter breeding.
I'm expecting almost all kits to be otter.
This is ABD's 3rd litter, and a repeat breeding to Ralph.
Ralph has been passing on his good fur, solid type AND sweet temperament.
I'm looking forward to these kits. There are 4 black otters and 4 blue otters. Some lovely blocky heads developing.

Born August 11-12 2018

BHA: Mink Hollow's Azure X Mink Hollow's Andy's Toy
All look black. All carrying dilute. Some will be carrying sable.

BHD: Mink Hollow's Buzz Lightyear X Mink Hollow's Yoda
Promising brokens.

Born Sept. 5 2018

BIA: Brandt's Willow X Mink Hollow's Versace
Looking for some great tris in this litter.
Looks like 3 tris and one broken red.

BIB: Mink Hollow's Auburn X Lorazark's Heckle
Heckle is a fun, sweet guy who's been passing on good fur and type along with his lovely personality.
Auburn is a little on the dark side for a castor, but she has great type and stellar fur.
These could be show-stoppers!
We have castor, otter, charlie castor, REW

DUE Mid-October

BJA: Mink Hollow's AllButDone X Mink Hollow's Buzz Lightyear
Could have amazing type and fur!

BJB: Mink Hollow's Acorn X Mink Hollow's Bugs Bunny
Acorn has been an amazing producer. This is a mother-son breeding.

BJC: Mink Hollow's Avon X Mink Hollow's Versace
We are expecting some stellar tris out of this mating.
NO magpie guaranteed

BJD: Windy River's KitKat X Mink Hollow's Zorro
Expecting otter and self, any shade.

BJJ: Mink Hollow's Brat X Breezy Hill's His Blueness
We are taking advantage of His Blueness as he stays with us over winter. He is carrying REW so we are expecting some lovely chins!

BJK: Mink Hollow's Azure X Breezy Hill's His Blueness
We are taking advantage of His Blueness as he stays with us over winter. Could be an ALL blue litter with amazing fur!

BJL: Mink Hollow's Yoda X Breezy Hill's His Blueness
We are taking advantage of His Blueness as he stays with us over winter. These could be amazing!

BJM: Mink Hollow's Allspice X Mink Hollow's Zorro
This is a repeat breeding. The kits were very promising, but they were all boys, so we're trying again.
These could be show-stoppers!

Check back often for more……

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