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 ===== Available NOW ===== ===== Available NOW =====
-[{{:​stock:​w:​waldo:​0-main.jpg?​200|[[our_rabbits:​bucks:​waldo|Waldo (black otter) Decker'​s Callebaut X Redwood'​s Venus]] }}]\\+[{{:​stock:​w:​waldo:​0-main.jpg?​200|[[our_rabbits:​bucks:​waldo|Waldo (black otter) Decker'​s Callebaut X Redwood'​s Venus]] }}]  [color=red]**----SOLD [SZ]----** [/color]\\
 **Mink Hollow'​s Waldo\\ **Mink Hollow'​s Waldo\\
 Proven Black Otter BUCK**\\ Proven Black Otter BUCK**\\
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 [color=purple]**Price:​ $100.00**[/​color]\\ [color=purple]**Price:​ $100.00**[/​color]\\
 \\ \\
-[{{:​stock:​xyz:​yin:​0-main.jpg?​200|[[our_rabbits:​does:​yin|Yin (squirrel) Ulysses X Winter]]}}] ​ [color=red]**** [/color]\\ 
-**Mink Hollow'​s Yin\\ 
-Proven Squirrel DOE**\\ 
-[color=red]**Unrecognized Colour** [/color]\\ 
-Yin is a squirrel (blue chin). She has great type and good fur. She's an excellent mother. \\ 
-Weight: 8.01 lb. at 5 1/2 months\\ 
-//Click on her name below the picture to find out more about her.//\\ 
-[color=blue]**Available now.**[/​color]\\ 
-**Born: DOB: Jan. 19 2016**\\ 
-[color=purple]**Price:​ $60.00**[/​color]\\ 
 =====  Available MID NOVEMBER ===== =====  Available MID NOVEMBER =====
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