Sire: Waldo [Reg.] (Black Otter)
Dam: Zippity-Do (Blue Otter)
Born: Feb. 4 2017
Colours: expecting otters, and possibly selfs, any shade. HOLDING: too soon to tell
Ready to Go: Apr. 1 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up

If you are interested in anything, a deposit will be required to hold a kit.

About Mink Hollow's Waldo:

White Seal Registered
Genotype: at- Bb C- D- E-

Waldo is our pick from our Redwood's Velvet X Callebaut breeding.
Waldo has great type and good fur.
He has the potential to be a great herd-sire.

We are holding one of his daughters (Mink Hollow's Anikin) to carry on his line.
WINS: 1 Leg: BOV SARBA 2016, Hultholm


About Mink Hollow's Zippity-Do:

Red Seal Registered

Zippity-Do got her name because she LOVES to zip around in her cage. She has good size, lovely type, and great fur (in her youth). She is proving herself to be an excellent mom.
Genotype: at- bb C- dd E-


Pedigree ABA Litter

Decker's Callebaut
(chocolate otter)
Mink Hollow's Waldo [Reg.]
(black otter)
Redwood's Venus [Reg.]
(black otter)

2016/12/18 16:13 · becker

Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph [Reg.]
Blue Otter
Mink Hollow's Zippity-Do
lilac Otter
Decker's Sassy Lassy [Reg.]
Lilac Otter

2017/01/04 15:24 · becker
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