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Sire: Versace (Tri) [Reg.]
Dam: Zen (Sable) [Reg.]
Born: April 10 2017
Colours: black, broken black, castor, broken castor HOLDING: too soon to tell
Ready to Go: June 4 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up

The litter will be eligible for red seal registration.
SOME kits show signs of brindling, which means they are carrying (ej) and will be ineligible for registration as that is an unrecognized colour.

2 broken black bucks and one brindled black otter available.

Meet Versace Genotype: At- B- C- D- eje
Red seal registered.
A bit on the small side for my liking, but decent type, and better fur than I've had on any of my other tris (so that's progress). Good width; needs more fullness in midsection. Fur has good texture but needs more density.
Versace is a proven buck who has done quite well for me. He carries chocolate and dilute.


About Mink Hollow's Zen:

Red Seal Registered

Genotype: aa B- Cchlc D- E-

This lovely girl spent her first spring at a pre-school where she was the sweetest bun they've ever had.
Zen is our first home-bred Sable.
This girl has amazing type, excellent fur, and an even more amazing personality.
We are excited to see what her kits look like!


Pedigree ADC Litter

Mink Hollow's Uhu [Reg.]
(black-orange tri)
Mink Hollow's Versace [Reg.]
(black-orange tri)
Mink Hollow's Upstart [Reg.]

2016/12/18 16:03

Ch. Roloff's Bart [Reg.]
Mink Hollow's Zen [Reg.]
Moonstruck's Dierna

2016/12/18 17:35
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