Sire: Cambon(Broken Blue)
Dam: Perdita (Broken Blue Otter) [Reg.]
Born: May 19. 2017 (DUE)
Ready to Go: Jun 05 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up
Colours: expecting blue, blue otter and self, broken and solid. HOLDING: too soon to tell

If you are interested in anything, a deposit will be required to hold a kit.

About MTR's Cambon

Red White and Blue Seal Registered

Genotype: aa B- CCchd dd E-

out of MTR's Bleu (5 time BIS winner)
Cambon has a beautifully balanced body, great texture of fur, just over 8lbs, and comes from amazing lines. We are pleased with this great addition to our herd.
Thank you Maple Tree!
Cambon has 2 legs - both won as Best of Opposite Sex at the SARBA 2017 show.

Cambon is carrying chin.


About Lorazark's Perdita:

White Seal Registered
Genotype: at- bb C- dd E-

Perdita is the closest we've had in a long time to a Dalmatian Rex, hence the name.
She is a very promising doe with good loin, shoulders, and hindquarters.


Pedigree AEE Litter

MTR's Bleu De Chanel [Reg.]
Broken Blue
MTR's Cambon [Reg.]
Broken Blue
MTR's Crystal [Reg.]

2017/04/01 12:18 · becker

MTR's Turn [Reg.]
Lorazark's Perdita [Reg.]
Broken Blue Otter
Lorazark's Hyacinth
Blue Otter

2016/12/18 17:34
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