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 [color=red]**Dam:​ [[our_rabbits:​does:​zen|Mink Hollow'​s Zen (Sable) [Reg.] ]]**[/​color]\\ [color=red]**Dam:​ [[our_rabbits:​does:​zen|Mink Hollow'​s Zen (Sable) [Reg.] ]]**[/​color]\\
 [color=green]**DUE:​ Sept 23 2017 **[/​color]\\ [color=green]**DUE:​ Sept 23 2017 **[/​color]\\
-[color=deepskyblue]**Colours:​** ​not sure yet **HOLDING:​** ​too soon to tell[/color]\\+[color=deepskyblue]**Colours:​** ​all are black **HOLDING:​** ​I'll be holding one of them to see how she grows up.[/color]\\
 [color=orange]**Ready to Go: Nov 18 2017 (8 weeks)**[/​color]\\ [color=orange]**Ready to Go: Nov 18 2017 (8 weeks)**[/​color]\\
 [color=purple]**Price:​ $100 and up**[/​color]\\ [color=purple]**Price:​ $100 and up**[/​color]\\
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 **NOTES:​**\\ **NOTES:​**\\
 The litter will be eligible for red seal registration.\\ The litter will be eligible for red seal registration.\\
-\\+All are carrying dilute, and all will be carrying EITHER REW or sable.\\
 \\ \\
 <embed :​our_rabbits:​about:​a-thor /> <embed :​our_rabbits:​about:​a-thor />
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