AIH: Heckle X Zuul

Sire: Heckle (broken black) [Reg.]
Dam: Zuul (true seal) [Reg.]
Born: Sept. 23 (DUE)
Ready to Go: Nov. 18 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up
Colours: blck, broken black, sable, broken sable HOLDING: I will likely hold the broken sable as well as one of the broken blacks - I like the markings of a couple of them (I would love to be able to work towards dalmatian Rex. :-) )l


About Lorazark's Heckle:

White Seal Registered

Genotype: aa B- Cc Dd E-

Very friendly. A real sweetie!
He has good type and decent fur, so he has the potential to add good things.


About Mink Hollow's Zuul:

Red and White Seal Registered

Genotype: aa B- CchlCchl D- E-

This is our first genetic seal and we are quite excited to see how she develops.
She is the result of a brother-sister mating (Bart & Lisa). They are come from the Roloff's and we are proud to be able to continue on this line.

She was described as a VERY promising young doe at her first show in May 2017- both for type and for fur.


The Litter

Pedigree AIH Litter

MTR's Stride
Black Otter
Lorazark's Heckle
Broken Black
Rosewater's Gladys
2016/12/18 16:31
Ch. Roloff's Bart [Reg.]
Mink Hollow's Zuul
Roloff's Lisa (Reg.)
2017/05/26 13:16 · becker
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