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 [color=orange]**Ready to Go: Nov. 18 2017 (8 weeks)**[/​color]\\ [color=orange]**Ready to Go: Nov. 18 2017 (8 weeks)**[/​color]\\
 [color=purple]**Price:​ $80 and up**[/​color]\\ [color=purple]**Price:​ $80 and up**[/​color]\\
-[color=deepskyblue]**Colours:​** blck, broken black, sable, broken sable **HOLDING:​** ​too soon to tell[/color]\\+[color=deepskyblue]**Colours:​** blck, broken black, sable, broken sable **HOLDING:​** ​I will likely hold the broken sable as well as one of the broken blacks - I like the markings of a couple of them (I would love to be able to work towards dalmatian Rex. :-) )l[/color]\\
 \\ \\
 **NOTES:​**\\ **NOTES:​**\\
 \\ \\
-<​embed ​:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-heckle ​/>+{{page>:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-heckle ​&​nodate&​nouser}}
 {{gallery>​stock:​imports:​heckle?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​ {{gallery>​stock:​imports:​heckle?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​
-<​embed ​:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-zuul/>+{{page>:​our_rabbits:​about:​a-zuul&​nodate&​nouser}}
 {{gallery>​stock:​xyz:​zuul?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​ {{gallery>​stock:​xyz:​zuul?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​
 ==== The Litter ==== ==== The Litter ====
 {{gallery>:​litters:​aih?​nocache&​notitle&​3}} {{gallery>:​litters:​aih?​nocache&​notitle&​3}}
-<​embed ​:​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​aih ​/>+{{page>:​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​aih ​&​nodate&​nouser}}
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