Sire: Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph [Reg.] (Blue Otter)
Dam: Mink Hollow's Anikin(Chocolate Otter)
Born: Dec. 24 (DUE)
Ready to Go: Feb. 18 2018 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up
Colours: otters, any shade HOLDING: not sure yet.

These kits will be eligible for red and white seal registration once Anikin is registered.

About Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph:

Red Seal Registered
Genotype: at- Bb C- dd E-

Wreck-It Ralph is our Thumper's son. He has his dad's fantastic head (almost) and his mom's fur. He has great type and is one of the most entertaining rabbits we've ever met. He loves to run around and play with our very large male rottie, Gadget. Once he's had enough, he simply goes back into his pen to relax.
He tends to pass on his great head and good bone.

He is the sire of Zippity-Do, Auburn, and Azalea.
Sept. 2018 Update: Ralph has gone to live at Lorazark Rabbitry.


About Mink Hollow's Anikin:

Eligible for Red Seal Registration
Genotype: at- bb C- Dd E-

Anikin is a lovely, large doe with a great loin, good hindquarters, and promising fur. She was named because she has a small NICK in her ear.

Nothing was found.

Pedigree ALC Litter

Mink Hollow's Thumper [Reg.]
Lilac Otter
Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph [Reg.]
Blue Otter
Redwood's Venus [Reg.]
Black Otter
2016/12/18 16:31
Mink Hollow's Waldo[Reg.]
Black Otter
Mink Hollow's Anikin
Chocolate Otter
Mink Hollow's Zippity-Do[Reg.]
Lilac Otter
2017/09/04 12:06
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