Sire: Zephyr (Lilac) [Reg.]
Dam: Abby (REW)
Born: May 29
Ready to Go: July 24 2018 (8 weeks)
Price: $100 and up
Colours: opal, lynx, blue, lilac HOLDING: Too soon to tell.

Nice looking babies! Big and fat.

About Mink Hollow's Zephyr:

White Seal Registered

Genotype: aa bb C- dd E-

This lovely little buck is of pure Decker lineage. We are very excited to see how he develops.
Zephyr is our home-bred “Decker” buck. Both of his parents are imports from Double Decker Rabbitry, so although this isn't a Decker rabbit, we do hope he lives up to the high standard set by them. He's still young, but so far he is looking very promising - he has great meat qualities and good fur.

Zephyr has gone to live at Larazark. (Mar. 2017)

We are happy to have Zephyr back at Mink Hollow on loan from Lorazark.(Jan. 2018)
We're looking forward to some exciting litters from him!


About Mink Hollow's Abby:

White Seal Registered

Genotype: Aa Bb cc Dd E-

Abby's a gorgeous big doe with great depth, excellent loin, promising hindquarters and nice fur.
Her dad has been an amazing producer for me, and I'm thrilled to have such a promising daughter.

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Pedigree BEF Litter

Decker's Callebaut
Chocolate Otter
Mink Hollow's Zephyr [Reg.]
Decker's Sassy Lassy [Reg.]
Lilac Otter

2016/12/18 16:46

Mink Hollow's WeeCal
Blue Cal
Mink Hollow's Abby
Lorazark/Mink Hollow's Xena (Reg.)
Broken Castor

2017/05/26 13:32 · becker
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