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Past Litters

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This page will take you to some of the litters we've bred in the past.
They are listed in reverse order, with the newest ones at the top.

Try here for even older litters.

The litter pages are not complete, but these breedings have taken place.

BGA: Mink Hollow's Avon X Mink Hollow's YCB1
This is a father-daughter breeding that could produce some stellar tris with really good size.
We've got tri, red, cal.

BGB: Mink Hollow's Azalea X Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph
I think Azalea is homozygous otter, so I expect all the kits will be solid or broken otters.
Azalea is a VERY friendly doe who seems to love cuddles.
She has wonderful type and really dense fur.
This breeding is a father-daughter breeding.
I'm looking for possible replacements for Ralph (who may be available for purchase later this year). Unfortunately, Azelea prolapsed after giving birth to one kit - a blue otter, which has been fostered to Avon.

BGE: Mink Hollow's ABD X Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph
This is an otter-otter breeding.
I'm expecting almost all kits to be otter.
This is ABD's 3rd litter, and a repeat breeding to Ralph.
Ralph has been passing on his good fur, solid type AND sweet temperament.
I'm looking forward to these kits.

BGF: Mink Hollow's Acorn X Mink Hollow's Andy's Toy
These could be any shade of agouti and self, solid and broken.
Acorn has produced some very exciting kits and we're keen to see what comes of this breeding. We haven't had much luck with Andy so this is a test breeding to a proven doe in her prime.

The litter pages are not complete, but these breedings have taken place.

BFD: Brandt's Willow X Mink Hollow's YCB1 (a.k.a. Bruzer)
Looking for some great tris in this litter.
Since Bruzer is carrying cali, and Willow is a magpie, there could be some magpies as well.
Looks like we have tris, cal, ermine, sallander.

BEB: Mink Hollow's Azure X Lorazark's Heckle
We have one black, one blue, one broken black, and one broken blue.
Heckle has been producing kits with good fur, nice type, and a friendly temperament.

BED: Mink Hollow's Allspice X Mink Hollow's Zorro
Zorro has been throwing excellent fur and good type. Zorro is carrying all 4 shades (black, blue, chocolate, lilac), and it looks like Allspice is carrying otter. This litter is only 3: a castor, an amber, and a blue otter.

BEF: Mink Hollow's Abby X Mink Hollow's Zephyr
Abby has been a reliable producer of good fur, type, and growth. Underneath all that white, she is an opal, so we are expecting all dilutes from this litter.

BCA: Mink Hollow's Acorn X MTR's Cambon
A repeat breeding. Expecting some serious show contenders in this litter. Both have great fur and excellent type! We have blues, blacks and castors, broken and solid.

BCB: Mink Hollow's AllButDone [Reg.] X Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph [Reg.]
We have black and blue otters in this litter.

BBG: Mink Hollow's Abby X MTR's Cambon
Expecting great type and fur. We have opals, blues, and squirrels. Broken and solid. These babies look like they're going to have amazing fur.

BBC: Mink Hollow's Auburn X Dawn2Dusk Hermes)
Castors and black otters, mostly broken. Should have great type and fur.

BAD: Mink Hollow's Zuul X Lorazark's Heckle
This is a repeat breeding. All are broken black. I have 2 does available.

AKB: Mink Hollow's Acorn X MTR's Cambon
Expecting some serious show contenders in this litter. Both have great fur and excellent type! Expecting castors, opals, blacks, & blues. Broken and solid.
AJB: Mink Hollow's Abby X Mink Hollow's Waldo
Could be any pattern (agoiuti, otter, self) and any shade (black, blue, chocolate, lilac)
AJD: Mink Hollow's All But Done X MTR's Cambon
Excellent fur. Excellent type. Another set of show contenders. Expecting black & blue otter; black & blue self. Broken and solid.

I've never done this before (I hope I'm not sorry), but we've got NINE litters due this month.
SIX have now kindled.
Those that missed will have another chance next month.

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