Sire: Ulysses (Amber)
Dam: Upstart (Red) [Reg.]
Born: Dec. 16 2016
Colours: 4 Castor, 1 Chin, 1 Chocolate, 1 Black HOLDING: too soon to tell
Ready to Go: Feb. 10 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up

I will not be holding most of this litter past weaning, so if you are interested in anything, a deposit will be required to hold a kit.

About Mink Hollow's Ulysses:

White Seal Registered.

Genotype: Aa bb CCchd Dd E-

Uly has great type and good fur, but he was never registered because he became oversize before I could register him.
He weighed 11 lb. at one year.
Now that he's retired (Fall 2017), I'm finally able to register him!


About Mink Hollow's Upstart:
White Seal Registered

Genotype: Aa Bb Cc Dd ee

(2 legs) EARS/Bearspaw 2013
BOB Show A & C, Michael Franke
A solid, meaty doe. Good topline, good fur, a little smutty in colour.


Pedigree YLA Litter

Mink Hollow's Sherlock
(broken chocolate chinchilla)
Mink Hollow's Ulysses
Mink Hollow's Speedy [Reg.]
(broken blue)

2016/12/18 16:05

Aurora's Red Skeleton
Broken Red
Mink Hollow's Upstart [Reg.]
Mink Hollow's Spunky [Reg.]
Broken Chocolate

2016/12/18 17:36
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