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 +==== YLC: Heckle & Wild Card ====
 +{{ :​our_rabbits:​red-seal.png?​nolink&​100|}} ​
 +[color=blue]**Sire:​ [[our_rabbits:​bucks:​heckle|Heckle (Broken Black) Reg.]] **[/​color]\\
 +[color=red]**Dam:​ [[our_rabbits:​does:​wildcard|WildCard (black otter) Reg.]]**[/​color]\\
 +[color=green]**Born:​ Dec. 26 2016 ; 10 babies born**[/​color]\\
 +[color=deepskyblue]**Colours:​** Otter, Self, black and blue, broken and solid **HOLDING:​** too soon to tell[/​color]\\
 +[color=orange]**Ready to Go: Feb. 27 2017 (8 weeks)**[/​color]\\
 +[color=purple]**Price:​ $80 and up**[/​color]\\
 +I will not be holding most of this litter past weaning, so if you are interested in anything, a deposit will be required to hold a kit.\\
 +{{page>​our_rabbits:​about:​a-heckle &​nodate&​nouser}}
 +{{gallery>​stock:​imports:​heckle?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​
 +{{page>​our_rabbits:​about:​a-wildcard &​nodate&​nouser}}
 +{{gallery>​stock:​w:​wildcard?​nocache&​notitle&​=3}} ​
 +==== The Litter ====
 +{{page>:​our_rabbits:​pedigrees:​ylc &​nodate&​nouser}}
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