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Line 1: Line 1:
 |style="​background-color:​ White;"​| |style="​background-color:​ White;"​|
 |style="​width:​50%;​ background-color:​ powderBlue;"​| |style="​width:​50%;​ background-color:​ powderBlue;"​|
Line 6: Line 6:
 Californian Californian
 |- |-
-|style="​width:​50%;​ background-color:​ powderBlue;"​|+|style="​width:​50%;​ background-color:​ powderBlue;"​|{{ :​our_rabbits:​white-seal.png?​nolink&​50|}}
 SIRE:\\ SIRE:\\
-Adam's Jonsey\\+Adam's Jonsey ​(Reg.)\\
 Sable Sable
 |style="​background-color:​ White; rowspan=2"​| |style="​background-color:​ White; rowspan=2"​|
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