The Winner's Circle

This page is for rabbits we have owned or who are of our breeding who have won legs and earned other awards at various shows. Posted in order of appearance, most recent first. For explanations of what the acronyms mean, check the Glossary page.

Ch. Roloff's Bart
Buck, Sable
Orchard's 1K1 [R] X Roloff's MA787 [R]
(White) X (Sable) Born: May 18 2015
Red Seal Registered
Genotype: aa B- Cchlc D- E-

BOV ARBA Convention 2015 (1 leg) while still owned by Roloff's
BOSB SARBA 2016 Hultholm (1 leg)
BOV SARBA 2016 Sheri Abrahamson (1 leg)

Ch. Decker's Wonka Broken Chocolate BUCK
Decker's Death By X Decker's Emma M
Born: May 10 2010
Died: Sept. 13, 2014
Wt. 8.05
Double Decker Rabbitry carries cal

SARBA 2011: Show B: BOB, BOV: Show A, Specialty BOSV: Show C
EARS Jul.23-4/11: C,E: BOB; A,B,D: BOSB

Great producer.

Ch. Holyoak's Coney #CD1
Black Otter BUCK
BVF Reg X Sara [R]
DoB: Oct. 3 1994
Wt. 8.00
Coney. Buck. Our first registered rabbit and our first Grand Champion. We bought him from Holyoak, but he was a son of Mink Hollow's Sara (Smarty X Lydia I)

BOB Stampede Dec/95

Died July 2002

Mink Hollow's Cancon #CBC2
Broken Castor DOE
Mink Hollow's Buzz Lightyear X Svelte's SR08
DOB: Aug. 4 2019

Genotype: Aa B- C- Dd E-

BISS SARBA 75th Anniversary 2019 Show A Judge: S.Hultholm (1 Leg)

Mink Hollow's Brutha #BGE4
Black Otter DOE
Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph X Mink Hollow's All But Done
DOB: Oct. 18 2018

Genotype: at- B- C- Dd E-

BOB EARS Wetaskiwin 2019 Show A Judge: S.Hultholm (1 Leg)

Mink Hollow's Bluesman #BJK1
Breezy Hill's His Blueness X Mink Hollow's Azure
DOB: Oct. 18 2018

Genotype: aa Bb C- dd E-

BOSB EARS Wetaskiwin 2019 Show D Judge: C.Schultz (1 Leg)

Mink Hollow's B.J. #BJJ1
Chinchilla BUCK
Breezy Hill's His Blueness X Mink Hollow's Brat
DOB: Oct. 18 2018

Genotype: Aa B- Cchdc Dd E-

BOB EARS Wetaskiwin 2019 Show B Judge: C.Schultz (1 Leg)

Mink Hollow's Andys Toy #AFA1
Sable BUCK
Adam's Jonsey X Mink Hollow's Zen
DOB: JUNE 27, 2017

Genotype: aa B- Cchlc D- E-

BOV (Sable) 2018 EARS Stony Plain Show A Judge: A. Dennistoun (1 Leg)
BOV (Sable) 2018 EARS Stony Plain Show B Judge: S. Hultholm (1 Leg)

MTR's Cambon #CAMBON
Broken Blue BUCK
MTR's Bleu de Chanel [Reg.] X MTR's Crystal [Reg.]
DOB: Mar. 9 2016

Genotype: aa B- C- dd E-

SARBA 2017 BOSB X 2 (2 Legs)

Mink Hollow's Waldo #WLD6
Black Otter BUCK
Decker's Callebaut X Redwood's Venus [Reg.]
DOB: Dec. 27, 2015

Genotype: at- Bb C- D- E-

BOV SARBA 2016, Hultholm (1 leg)

Redwood's Thor
Buck, Blue
Redwood's Six Glorious Nights (RW1) X Judon's Sweatpea (JW2)
Black Otter X Blue Otter
DOB: Nov. 30 2014
Genotype: aa B- C- dd E-

BOSB SARBA 2015 (Hultholm)
RIS SARBA 2015 Uptagrafft
Both wins were earned while Thor was owned by Rosewater Rabbitry.

Primarily Judon lines. Littermate to Venus.

Mink Hollow's WildCard
Black Otter DOE
Decker's Callebaut X Redwood's Venus [Reg.]
DOB: Dec. 27, 2015

Genotype: at- Bb C- D- E-
BOSB SARBA 2016 Sheri Abrahamson (1 leg)

Mink Hollow's Whisper #WLA2
Castor DOE
Decker's Callebaut X Upstart [Reg.]
DOB: Dec. 12, 2015

Genotype: A- Bb C- D- E-

BOB SARBA 2016 Hultholm (1 leg)

Mink Hollow's Chester
Broken Castor BUCK
Moonstruck's VanGogh [R] X Lerwyk's Tundra L2G (reg.)
DOB: May 16 2015
Owned by Rosewater Rabbitry
EARS Fun Show (Aug. 23, 2015) Reserve in Show,
Congratulations Rosewater Rabbitry

Lerwyk's Tundra L2G
Broken Black DOE
MTR's Stride X S&K's RK12
DOB: Mar. 20 2014
Wt. 8.14
This girl has fur that's to-die-for! Short, dense, great texture! She has great depth of body and good loin, though she does fall off in the rear.

SARBA Show B Best of Breed, Stephen Hultholm, for 1 leg (19 shown)

Mink Hollow's Vanity # VFD3
Black Otter DOE Ch. Judon's D1D Bo Diddly[R] X Teyla[R]
DoB: June 7 2014
Notes: * SOLD [LR]*
Owned by Larazark Rabbitry
Eligible for Red Seal Registration This is a very nice doe. I just didn't have the space to keep both her and her brother Valentino).

Best of Breed Winner at EARS 2015 Wetaskiwin
Congratulations Laura Robinson!

Mink Hollow's Upstart [R] #UAA1
Aurora's Red Skeleton X Spunky[R]
DoB: Jan. 5 2013
Wt. 10.08
Genotype: Aa Bb Cc Dd ee

(2 legs) EARS/Bearspaw 2013
BOB Show A & C, Michael Franke

Good topline, good fur, a little smutty

Mink Hollow's Toffifee DOE
Broken Chocolate
Decker's Rolo [R] X Rowdy [R]
Notes: *SOLD [RW]*

1 leg BOV EARS 2012

eligible for read seal registration

Mink Hollow's Thumper [R] #TGB1 [Reg.]
Buck, Lilac Otter
Decker's Rolo [R] X Rowdy [R]
DoB: July 17, 2012

Genotype: atat bb C- dd E-

EARS/Bearspaw 2013
Show C BOS Michael Franke

Wt: 9.02, GREAT head, solid buck, open coat;
needs to be bred to does with good density of coat

Mink Hollow's Tumnus [R] #TFA2
Buck, Opal
MTR's Hugo X Speedy [R]
DoB: June 7, 2012
Wt: 9.04

Genotype: Aa Bb C- dd Ee

EARS/Bearspaw 2013
BOS: Show A Michael Franke
BOS: Show B & D Allan Ormond

A solid, meaty buck with decent fur.
Good coat; nice type - judges really like him
Faults: white undercoat, scattered white hairs on back, dark spot on belly; needs better midsection

Mink Hollow's Spunky [Reg.] #SCB2
Doe, Broken Chocolate
CH. Decker's Wonka X Rerun
Born: March 6 2011
Genotype: aa bb Cc Dd Ee

EARS Jul.23-4/11: C,E: BOSB

Good type; good shoulders
lovely topline

Mink Hollow's Speedy [R] DOE
Broken Blue
Rambo [R] X Spunky [R]
DoB: Oct. 27 2011
Wt. 10.00
Red Seal Registered

SARBA 2012-C: BB [Hultholm] (for a leg)

Mink Hollow's Sparkle DOE
Broken Lynx
Rigatoni X Rerun
DoB: Jan. 9 2011

SARBA 2011-B: BOSB [Cliff Dick] (for a leg)

Mink Hollow's Rowdy [R] DOE
# RLC1
Broken Black Otter
CH. Decker's Wonka X Pandora
Born: December 24 2010
Died: November 6, 2014
Wt. 9.15
Has produced some nice kits.

SARBA 2011:
BOSV Specialty
BOV Show C

Mink Hollow's Rambo [R] BUCK
Black Otter
Pitch Black X Queen Naan
Born: June 27 2010
Wt. 9.10

EARS Jul.23-4/11: F: BOSB (for a leg)

Mink Hollow's Pierre BUCK
# M8A3
Ashke's Evan X Nano
Born: Jan. 12 2008
Wt. 8.08
BOS SARBA May 2 2009 Allen Mesick (for a leg)

Dietrich's Louise Chinchilla DOE
Wanda's Frankie X B&L's Luncinda
Born: Feb. 2 1997
Died: April 2004
Wt. 9.04
BIS Calgary, Dec'97
She earned 3 legs, but sadly, the person I bought her from never gave me her legs.

Great producer. One of my favorite does of all time. She was sweet and friendly and a great mom.

Mink Hollow's Falin #MH9F
Lynx Doe
Ch. Holyoak's Coney X Holyoak's Alice
DoB: July 26 1996

SARBA 96 winter show Robert Wood BOSB, Dec. 8

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