I use two main kinds of nest boxes in my indoor cages (the outdoor cages have built in houses so don't need nest boxes):

Plastic ones made from storage bins with a hole cut in the side:

Note that you will have to cut or drill some holes at the top edge of the bin or in the lid, otherwise frost can build up inside. When that melts, the whole nest can get wet, which is really bad.

Wooden ones made using plywood, 1×4“ boards, 2×2”. They measure approximately 18“ deep x 12” wide x 9“ high. I have built a few that are higher (about 12”) for my bigger does. The does love to sit on top, so the lid is important. As I breed year-round, I also think the does help to keep the kits toasty warm when they sit on top. :-)

I have some does who like to 'pack' their kits into the back of the box and then sit in the front. I know rabbits don't normally 'brood' their young, but it seems pretty clear to me that these does are deliberately helping to keep their kits warm.

As you can see by the reading on the thermometer - the nests are toasty warm. That last photo was taken in December when it was -25C (-13F) outside.

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