Rabbits Available & Coming Up

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Serious inquiries only. Please be sure to read our Sales Policy.
When you are ready to purchase a specific rabbit, please fill out our: Agreement of Sale

These are the rabbits we currently have available for sale. Unless otherwise noted, all rabbits are Rex.
We raise FIRST for meat, health, and production. THEN for show.
All of our rabbits are good producers who normally raise, large, fast-growing litters.
Most of our kits are fryer size (4-5 lb.) at 8-12 weeks, and easily reach senior weight by 6 months.

Please be patient as we update this page as often as we can. Stay Tuned for more; We normally have litters every 3 weeks.


These are animals over 6 months of age. Some are registered.
Please be sure to read our sales policy carefully.
In particular, note that animals bought can NOT be resold without offering them back to me first.
I do NOT sell through third parties unless the actual buyer has agreed to my sales policy.

We occasionally offer some older stock to very special homes.
They will be listed here.
Email me if you are seriously interested.
Potential homes will be carefully screened.


These are animals between 8 weeks and 6 months of age.
Normally, an even number at the end of the tattoo means it's a doe, and an odd number means it's a buck.

Litters On the Ground

These are current litters.
You can usually look up the parents on my Buck and Doe pages.
We usually have litters planned and on the ground.
Please note that does can sometimes surprise us by deciding not to have any kits,
so upcoming litters will be updated once the babies open their eyes.
Note the dates on the “cards” to see when they are born/due; when they are ready to go; and price ranges.

About Those Seals
When a rabbit is classified as “Registerable” it means that they can be registered once they reach 6 months if and only if they meet the official Rex standard.
The pedigree is complete, including names, tattoos, weights, colours, and ear numbers for 3 generations.
To be registered they must have the correct weight, be a recognized colour, and have no disqualifying faults. When kits are sold, you will be told if they are registerable at that time. I cannot guarantee that kits will still be registerable as seniors. There are factors beyond my control that can change the status of any given rabbit and make it unregisterable (eg. failure to make senior weight, over-weight, loss of a toenail, etc.
In some cases, the parents have not yet been registered. The seal indicates the potential registration status of the kits - once the parents are registered, if that is planned.
“White Seal Registerable” means the one or both parents are unregistered, but the offspring comes with a full and complete pedigree and has no disqualifying faults at the time of sale.
“Red Seal Registerable” means that both parents are registered, and
“Red & White Seal Registerable” means that both parents and all grandparents are registered.

“Red, White, and Blue Seal Registerable” means that both parents, all grandparents, and ALL great-grandparents are registered.

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