#YDG1 Cal BUCK Wee Cal X Roloff's Lisa [Reg.] DOB: Apr. 19 2016

About Mink Hollow's Zorro:

White Seal Registered

Genotype: aa Bb chc Dd E-

We are excited to announce the start of our Sable and Cal line, thanks to the generous help of Dennis & Patti Roloff.
Along with Bart (our sable import), this lovely boy are/were our herd bucks.

Zorro has a good head and loin; he could use a slightly better topline and slightly fuller hindquarters. His fur has good texture and density.
He's a curious guy and likes to wander around the rabbitry when I do chores.


Pedigree [litter YDG]

Mink Hollow's Underdog [Reg.]
Mink Hollow's Wee Cal
(blue cal)
Mink Hollow's Voodoo
(chocolate seal)
Orchard's 1K1 [R]
Roloff's Lisa [Reg.]
Roloff's MA787 [R]

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