Sire: Mink Hollow's YCB1 (aka Bruzer) [Reg.] (Tri)
Dam: Lorazark's Perdita [Reg.] (Broken Blue Otetr)
Born: August 3 2017 (DUE)
Ready to Go: September 28 2017 (8 weeks)
Price: $80 and up
Colours: possible tris HOLDING: I am holding a “tri” castor doe.


About Mink Hollow's YCB1 (a.k.a. Bruzer):

White Seal Registered
Genotype: Aat Bb Cch Dd eje

Bruzer is a very large buck (11.03 lb.). - he was registered before he finished growing.
His kits have been fast growers.
He is friendly and funny.
He has good type and adequate fur, and okay markings.

Carries Otter, chocolate, Cal, dilute, non-extension


About Lorazark's Perdita:

White Seal Registered
Genotype: at- bb C- dd E-

Perdita is the closest we've had in a long time to a Dalmatian Rex, hence the name.
She is a very promising doe with good loin, shoulders, and hindquarters.


Pictured is a castor doe. She's available.

Pedigree AHB Litter

Mink Hollow's Vivaldi [Reg.]
Broken Castor
Mink Hollow's YCB1 [Reg.]
Black-Orange Tri
Rosewater/Mink Hollow Winnie
Harlequin Black Otter

2016/12/18 16:32

MTR's Turn [Reg.]
Lorazark's Perdita [Reg.]
Broken Blue Otter
Lorazark's Hyacinth
Blue Otter

2016/12/18 17:34
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