Sire: Mink Hollow's Wreck-it Ralph [Reg.] (Blue Otter)
Dam: All But Done (Black Otter)
DUE March 14 2018 (DUE)
Ready to Go: May 9 2018 (8 weeks)
Price: $100 and up
Colours: expecting any shade otters and selfs. HOLDING: too soon to tell

Ralph is a really friendly guy with a fantastic head, great type and good fur. ABD also has good type and excellent fur. We're expecting great things from this litter.

About Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph:

Red Seal Registered
Genotype: at- Bb C- dd E-

Wreck-It Ralph is our Thumper's son. He has his dad's fantastic head (almost) and his mom's fur. He has great type and is one of the most entertaining rabbits we've ever met. He loves to run around and play with our very large male rottie, Gadget. Once he's had enough, he simply goes back into his pen to relax.
He tends to pass on his great head and good bone.

He is the sire of Zippity-Do, Auburn, and Azalea.
Sept. 2018 Update: Ralph has gone to live at Lorazark Rabbitry.


About Mink Hollow's All But Done:

Red Seal Registered

Genotype: ata Bb Cc Dd E-

In some circles, “ABD” means “All But Dissertation”. It means that someone has completed all of the requirements for a PhD, except for the actual thesis (and final defense). Since the phrase is too long for a rabbit name, I shortened it to All But Done. This little doe is anything but done, however. She has stellar fur, and a very promising type.

  1. BCB1: black otter buck (holding)
  2. BCB2: black otter doe (available)
  3. BCB4: black otter doe (sold)
  4. BCB6: blue otter doe (sold)
  5. BCB8: blue otter doe (available)

Pedigree BCB Litter

Mink Hollow's Thumper [Reg.]
Lilac Otter
Mink Hollow's Wreck-It Ralph [Reg.]
Blue Otter
Redwood's Venus [Reg.]
Black Otter

2016/12/18 16:31

Lorazark's Heckle (Reg)
Broken Black
Mink Hollow's All But Done
Black Otter
Mink Hollow's Wild Card (Reg.)
Black Otter

2017/05/26 13:35 · becker
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