Ancestors Pre-2000

All of our rabbits are Rex Rabbits. With a few exceptions (like Petey, Evan, Louise, Kiana & Spud), most of our rabbits have names whose first letters indicate what year they were born.


Mink Hollow's Spud

Broken Black Otter
Dokken's Smarty X Sonja's Lydia
DoB: May 29, 1993
Wt. 8.04
Spud. Broken Black Otter Doe. Born May 29 1993, Smarty X Lydia (I). We once loaned her to a family who were homeschooling their children so they could see her give birth to and raise a litter. That was a BIG mistake. Although I had always found her to be a calm and excellent mother, she ended up loosing her entire litter. She died two weeks after we got her home.

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